Introducing the 936 Control Board

This control board is manufactured and assembled in Texas

Unified controller for both single and dual 12VDC applications

Open and close Motor Bypass for troubleshooting or emergency operation

Dual seven segment programming display

Three dedicated navigational programming buttons

Four dedicated settings buttons

On board three button station

Integrated Bluebus technology for self-monitored photocells.

On board OXI/A receiver port (receiver included with all 936 equipped operator kits)
Dedicated LED feedback for all accessory inputs and outputs

Motor encoder inputs with LED feedback

LED feedback for both open and close limit switch activation

Two SPDT relays rated for 5A each; one for open cycle, one for close cycle

Three 12VDC 3A accessory outputs, each with its own dedicated 3A blade fuse

One 24VDC 300mA internally fused accessory output

Integrated battery charging circuit

Dedicated common (GRD) terminal for all inputs and outputs

Integrated ground connector (grounding wire and rod not included)

936 Control Board Manual

Automatic Gate

Nice Motorized

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